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  1. I've been using a bookmarklet called Favornote and this feature has become invaluable, but this requires it to be installed on every browser I use. I would like to see this functionality added to the Web Clipper. This is more than just creating a bookmark like what is present today in the web clipper, what this does is let me in a single click bookmark a page and have that bookmark added to an existing note instead of one bookmark per note that I have to later combine. 


    Why it's different than what the web clipper offers currently

    • Collect relevant bookmarks in a single note.
    • Categorize bookmarks by different notes.
    • Dedicate a notebook for bookmarking.
    • You can change the bookmark snippet's look and feel.
    • Add notations on the bookmarks.
    • Change default notebook for bookmarking as you like.
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