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  1. I've been using a bookmarklet called Favornote and this feature has become invaluable, but this requires it to be installed on every browser I use. I would like to see this functionality added to the Web Clipper. This is more than just creating a bookmark like what is present today in the web clipper, what this does is let me in a single click bookmark a page and have that bookmark added to an existing note instead of one bookmark per note that I have to later combine. https://favornote.appspot.com/welcome Why it's different than what the web clipper offers currently Collect relevant bookmarks in a single note. Categorize bookmarks by different notes. Dedicate a notebook for bookmarking. You can change the bookmark snippet's look and feel. Add notations on the bookmarks. Change default notebook for bookmarking as you like.
  2. This is one of the features that is preventing me from moving all my bookmarks to Evernote, since both Diigo and Pocket have this feature.
  3. Yes, but as you can see there is only the option to share it to your personal timeline. You can't share it to a group or a fb page
  4. @Wordsgood - How are you able to do bookmark like favornote in EN without a 3rd party app?
  5. OK, I see your point now, cut and pasting would become a nightmare if I had to move links to a different note. I may have to revisit this strategy of favornote and do away with it altogether and start training myself to just use the web clipper to capture bookmarks instead of favornote.
  6. instead of using the 3rd party bookmarklet, i'd want the same functionality in the Evernote browser plugin, currently the bookmark feature in the clipper creates a single bookmark in a single note (Let me choose how I want the clipper to create bookmarks). Also on your point of collapsable outlines, I don't need a folder structure of bookmarks because I don't use many folders to organize notes because the power of Evernote comes from tags and search. With placing items in a folder you can only have 1 note in 1 folder, but with tags I can assign several tags to that same note and those tags can be nested just like an outline. I don't hunt through folders for information in Evernote, I just search a keyword or tag.
  7. Would really love to see this type of bookmarking included in Evernote (favornote.appspot.com). If I could create multiple bookmarks in a single note by subject like favornote does instead of one note per bookmark I could dump all my other bookmarking services. When you have 16,000+ bookmarks having a single note for each bookmark just isn't practical. and makes managing a nightmare. Attached is a screenshot of a note created with Favornote.
  8. What am I missing? None of these saved search terms returns my notes with reminders.
  9. Not evernote groups, Facebook Groups. When I try to share an Evernote note to Facebook using the share to Facebook option I can only share it to my personal page which makes the post with links to try Evernote. I want to be able to share these notes to a facebook group with the same type of links instead of having to grab and post the note URL.
  10. I love that I can share an Evernote group to Facebook that includes the links for my followers to signup for an Evernote account, but I would like to have the same functionality to share notes to a group. I frequently will create a note containing an event and share it to one of the groups I manage, then remove once the event is over. - Stephen
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