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  1. Jhull, I've had some problems with the release on my iPad Mini. Specifically, the Evernote web clipping extension in Safari crashes and the text I'm typing freezes before I can not Save to clip the page to Evernote. I've submitted a ticket and looking forward to a reply. In the alternative, perhaps this issue could be addressed in an update. Thanks.
  2. Whenever I try to clip a webpage in Safari on my iPad Mini, the Evernote webclipper crashes. In iOS 8, Evernote added the web clipping feauture to Safari. I activated the Evernote extension in Safarii. To use the extension to clip a webpage, I click on the Share button in Safari and the Evernote box appears. However, when I begin typing the note title in the box, the text freezes before I can hit save and the box crashes and disappears without clipping the page to Evernote. I initiated a chat session with Evernote. They suggested deleting the app and reinistalling it. I tried this, it did not resolve the problem. We created a ticket, I have not heard back; I'm a Premium user (it's been 3 business days). This is a major problem because I am working on a project where I need to clip webpages. I'd appreciate hearing from experienced users on possible solutions. Thanks!
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