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  1. Yep, that was the reason. For all it is worth, I have used special characters in the past to give context to tags (e.g. context of "where" tags get a "\"), which for me simplifies tag attribution to notes. It would be nice if this worked on android.
  2. Hi all, The exact same search yields different results in the Evernote Desktop Windows version and the Evernote App on Android version 7.12. Specifically I am using tags to filter my search, using the following search string: tag:\Home tag:!NextAction In windows, it works well. On Android, it returns "No notes were found that match your search". Note I'm using the exact same search string as this is a saved search I keep as shortcut so is accessible from both evernote on desktop and android. Any idea why this isn't working? Many thanks.
  3. (@Frank.dg) Thanks a lot for the comprehensive answer. In one of my notes with a similar code snippet, the images were not indexed. The "Ctrl" > "Help" > "Fix Current Note" changed the status to indexed. After a few seconds the OCR started to work. Take the following image as an example: If I search for "ASL" it finds this note and highlights each of the 4 strings (except the "298:" for the first line, etc). If i search for "BSInvTime", the search gives no results. I do copy and paste code snippets as text as you suggest into evernote when I'm in my code editor since the formatting remains just like in the editor. However sometimes I want to copy some snippets from the command line and when I do copy them as text, they lose their formatting, the font changes, etc... In any case, the OCR seems to be doing a good job in many cases so I guess my problem was that many of my images were not indexed. For the images that are not indexed after the "Ctrl" > "Help" > "Fix Current Note", do I just have to wait and they will eventually be indexed or is there any command/action I can do to "force" them to be indexed? Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi all, I started uploading some code snippets to some of my notes, as image files (using windows snipping tool I just select the region, copy and paste into the note). Now I'm using evernote's search tool to look for some specific words that are nowhere except on those code snippets hoping that the OCR can find those and take me to the respective notes. It's not finding the search terms. One example of such image files with code is the following: (note: it does not look as blurred in evernote as here) I'm aware it takes some time for the OCR to be done for non-premium users (which is my case), as discussed in this topic. However I've waited 6 days, retried the search, and no results were found again. I'm wondering if the problem is the use of monospaced font since I've uploaded some images with other font types and the OCR works. Thanks for the help, Fabio
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