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  1. I started using Evernote a few years ago, back when it was the best option among WIndows mobile phones with both sync and cross-platform operability. Back then, I also didn't like the fact you couldn't change the fonts, but I had a quick hack: edit the font on my mac and the phone would respect the same font as long as kept the cursor right next to the modified fonts. so if I did this this is a test fontTHIS IS A BIG FONTthis is the right size, look at the vertical line besides this quote, it's a cursor| the main point is that in the PC/mac application, you select the note you want to modify, and make sure the last entry has no extra spaces in front of it. you then modify the font as you wish (I did by "select all") and if you leave no extra space, it should work. it seems that "bug" is still available on iOS phones, but not on Android phones (I tested both). All you need to do is set the font you want in your PC/mac. some points: leave no spaces after the last entry: any extra spaces will let the program revert to the default font.I only tested it with a single font: it might work with different fonts, and if it does, it will probably just persist with whatevr the last font you used was. I hate to offer this "hack" since it gives the lazy developers one more excuse to put this feature request on the back burner, but I also share your disdain for this company's disregard for a feature that is more than a simple bell and whistle but a valid accesibility need. Hope this helps any of you out.
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