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  1. Appreciated but Is that the official way? A public forum on another platform?
  2. I recently downgraded from a paid to free member. I emailed a single note and confirmed there were no note additions in 2 days. It was rejected claiming I'd reached my max of 5. I went through the support loop several times and there is no way for me to contact support as a free member. I keep looping through the help articles. How do i contact support as a free user when it's rejecting my email? Or, is it accurate to say I am no allowed to get support as a downgraded member? " Your Evernote Basic plan lets you try out this feature by saving up to five emails. You’ve reached that number, but upgrading your account will let you forward as many emails into Evernote as you like.
  3. The desktop version allows me to save attachments but I get an abbreviated dialog box where I have to navigate c:\users\etc. I prefer to paste the address and the choice of dialog box does not have a folder path at the top or the bottom. I usually pick up the address from Windows Explorer and paste where I want tos ave. Please just choose a different Windows dialog box to call that allows me to do this. Hassle factor is high to navigate through your current selection.
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