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  1. After a certain 6.x beta update a week or two back - I don't recall which, and I was expecting another update would fix it, but the original update appears to have caused an actual change in the order of the ENML tags for bulleted lists in the content of all? most? of my notes so the lists are all effectively upside down now. D C B A Four Three Two One It's not what I'd classify as serious, though when combined with the usual issues with bullets, which seem to be worse now, I'd definitely tag it with ^Major PITA Apart from the usual issues with bullets, and the issue with numbered lists, I haven't seen a thread addressing this problem specifically. If there is one, then I'll happily delete this and move there instead. EDIT: this comment / sub-thread addresses it insofar as to say if you took the risk of using beta versions then there's nothing that can be done and you're on your own. I'll leave this topic here as a top-level reference to that comment, and the follow-up.
  2. Thanks! that's really useful to know, TDLow. No need for an entire SDK when AppleScript can do it. I see in this article that tags can also be created with Applescript, so there's the option of exporting, organising / nesting them, then re-importing via a tailored script.
  3. Thanks DTLow .. the thermonuclear option .. I should point out that I meant delete from the sidebar, not actually delete them. Although seeing as I had started re-doing my tagging system which led to this happening, the thought of actually deleting them all in one go did cross my mind. I'd like to keep most of my tag nesting / hierarchy and their relationship to my notes, though.
  4. I was just minding my own business trying to be clever, thinking I could export a list of tags. Without testing it using only a few tags first, I tried dropping all my tags onto a note in the sidebar. I guess it must have been a shortcut to a note, because the result is that there are 164 tags in the sidebar shortcuts list. Not a train smash. I could manually delete them one-by-one, but if there's a quick option it would be good to know it. I tried closing Evernote, editing the .plist file at ~/Library/Preferences/com.evernote.Evernote.plist, then opening Evernote. But it has no effect, and Evernote re-creates it. I tried opening the sqlite database, but it's encrypted which I guess I should be thankful for. I was able to find a script for exporting all tags via the EN API (shared as a tip here), but nothing for resetting the sidebar, or just the shortcuts list. Any ideas?
  5. Just sharing this useful tip for exporting a list of tags: Setup Open Terminal.app and paste in this line sudo easy_install pip Hit enter, then paste in this line: pip install evernote Note: it may require sudo pip install evernote if you already had pip and had just launched the Terminal. Hit enter. Get a developer token here: https://www.evernote.com/api/DeveloperToken.action Ready to go You'll need a text editor that can run Python scripts. I used TextMate. Open the attached script in TextMate or copy paste this into a new file: from evernote.api.client import EvernoteClient #setup Evernote Client client=EvernoteClient(token="[YOUR TOKEN HERE]", sandbox=False) #get note store object to call listTags, listTagsByNotebook, and listNotebooks on noteStore=client.get_note_store() tags=noteStore.listTags() #get list of all tags allTags = [tag.name for tag in tags] #put all the names of the tags in a list #print tags for tag in allTags: print("%s"%tag) print("") on line 3 replace [YOUR TOKEN HERE] with your developer token. Type ⌘R to run the script. Bingo! evernote_tags.py.zip
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