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  1. When I do a search in Evernote 6.0.6 some of the items displayed highlight the word I searched for and some don't. It's really annoying to not see where the searched word occurs in a note. A search I just did returned 26 notes. Those that were created June 29 and earlier show the highlighting. Notes created since then don't. These are generally all notes that were created by copying and pasting into a new note.
  2. I'm finding with 6.0.5 that when I try to create a note in Evernote from a Postbox email that I just get a Downloading notice but the note never completes downloading. If I cancel the download and try again the note WILL download. The usually happens only the first time I access Evernote for any given day. Also, why don't search terms get highlighted in the notes containing the terms? I just did a search that turned up two notes with the search term. It was highlighted in one not but not the other.
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