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  1. This is my first post here, but I hope it'll be helpful for some people. Earlier today I was writing a bunch of notes on my Nexus 7 (2013) tablet. After a couple of hours I was tabbing between different apps on the tablet, but when I got back to Evernote almost all of my notes were gone. The first sentences I wrote was all that was left. Devastated I searched the forums for help and finally after looking through different threads I found a solution to my problem, which I'll share here. Might not work for all of you,but hopefully someone might be able to get their notes back. First thing I did was trying to sync my files without any luck, so I started my file explorer (in my case ES File Explorer - found in Google Play if you don't have it/another file explorer). 1. In ES File Explorer I opened the folder Android>data>com.evernote>files>unsaved_notes. Here I found 3 different .enml-files. I opened them as text and saw that what I wrote earlier was there, only cluttered with a bunch of html-code (I think it was HTML - don't know for sure). The files were named something similar to temp_XXXXXXXXXXXX.enml 2. I marked all three files and pressed the "Share" button (found under "More" in bottom right corner on my tablet) 3. I Shared all three files to my dropbox and then went to my computer (which runs Windows 7). 4. On my computer I changed the file extensions from .enml to .html (remember to deactivate the "Hide file extensions"-option in folder options to change the file extension - http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/software/3341794/how-show-or-hide-file-extensions/) 5. When the file names where changed to .html I could open my files in my web browser and there it was - all my notes were saved as I last rememberd them. 6. I just copied all text and opened Evernote om my computer and pasted it there - all I had to do was change font. 7. Finally I just synced my files and found them all on my tablet again. So there you have it - there's possibly some other, easier way to restore your notes, but that's how I got my back!
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