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  1. We're reviewing putting an option in there to toggle on and off predictive note titles, and definitely understand how the new feature can cause some workflow problems, especially for those who relied on "untitled" notes. The feature is also receiving some adjustment as well. I like the idea of "Note on [date]", I could see that making more sense in many cases than location, which is the baseline information the titler draws from.A toggle on/off feature and Date/time stamp would be perfect. I created new notes his morning with names like "call mom". all notes are already date and time stamped in the "created date" field. Your notes on iOS and Mac and Windows can be sorted by this time stamp. Has this "Auto Title" issue been resolved? I get the same calendar auto title on my notes as well. It's quite frustrating as I have several calendars appointments within every day, so depending on the time it will pick one that may be a private appointment. Please help! REVISED - I found solution to my issue under another forum - Sorry for this! My life is complete now!!
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