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  1. Thanks, all. I'm not so worried about Recent Notes. I find that helpful, especially since the list falls below Shortcuts. Believe it or not, though Shortcuts due update automatically. I like shortcuts to my default folder, my Evernote KB Shortcuts note, and my Lists stack, and that's all I need there for now (I can always add more). However, since I last scanned in a bunch of recipes in Doxie and imported them into Evernote, I now have shortcuts for Sweet Potato Waffles, Banana-O-Rama Smoothie, Spinach Mango Smoothie, and so on. I did not add these shortcuts myself, and I don't want them to add themselves. Shortcuts should only be what I select, if there's a way to configure that. Again, I don't mind recent notes updating since, of course, those are the notes which happen to be recent.
  2. Hi, and thanks for responding, both of you. That is the section. However, I'm looking to keep Shortcuts on the sidebar, but only my shortcuts (the ones that I drag there manually). I want no auto-generated shortcuts, as they clutter up an otherwise nice system. As for re-ordering, that is something I do and enjoy with my manual shortcuts. I am merely trying to avoid new shortcuts from being added automatically by Evernote.
  3. Nice. Thanks. Yeah, I have far fewer options for the Mac, including no Notes or Navigation options. Maybe in the next iteration (*cross fingers*).
  4. Every time I merge notes, the titles of those notes are displayed in header sized bold text with a colored background that I have to then go in and delete in order to have what is basically junk text between pages that I'd like to just be able to scroll through. I'm fine with the title of the first note being used in the actual title of the note, but then the other pages are moot. To be clear, I'm importing large amounts of scans from Doxie and then merging "Note XYZ" with "Doxie 0688" and ending up with a note called "Note XYZ" (fine) but then "Note XYZ" also precedes the PDF inline in the note, and "Doxie 0688" precedes the second PDF. I want to keep that text from appearing inline with the attachments.
  5. I like having shortcuts at the top of my sidebar, but I only want notes there that I choose. I haven't found a way to prevent Evernote from automatically adding recent notes to that list. It's a problem in that it pushes my list of stacks/notebooks down too far, and it clutters my otherwise useful shortcuts list, which I like to keep lean for quickly accessing my most-used notes.
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