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  1. My 2 cents. It's not particularly quick. From login (username/ww set by browser) to show of page some 26 sec's. What OS are you on? Ubuntu 14.04.3What browser are you on? - ie. FF 42.0What is the size of the first note that loads when you login? - 551kBWhat type of content is in the first note that loads when you login? - some text+1 pdfDoes slow loading happen all the time? Or is it sporatic? No, this is usual, can be longerHow long did it take to load before you could interact with the UI? some 26 sec'sHow many total notes do you have?- 3644Are you a customer of our Evernote Business off
  2. Hi All, About Tables : When I make a table in the old webclient I can give rows and columns as much as I like, in the new client however the size of a table can only be 6x6 (see attachment) cells big. The interface is good but the maximum tablesize is limiting, are there any plans to expand the functionality as far as tables are concerned? Greetings Pieter
  3. Thanks for the feedback. We'll take this into consideration as we continue to tweak and improve the product. Na Hi Nancy, Thanx, pieter
  4. With regard to notebooks : My notes are standard put in a central notebookonce in a while a sort these notes to other notebooksWhen I open this particular notebook, let's call it AAA, I see all the notesWhen I open the first note and change the notebook in this first not to, say, BBBThe view moves also to this note book, so I see all the notes of BBB instead of the remaining notes in AAAThis behavour baffles me a bit as my expectation, and my work flow is: Open first note in AAAchange notebook of this note to BBBMove to second note in AAAEffectively this becomes the first note in AAAGreetz,
  5. It's getting better. Another thought about the homepage/loginpage. And it is not only Evernote who does this. I see a very big button "Sign up now" for signing up. But I do this only one time. When I have signed up I must be looking for a smaller link to "Login". Luckily it is not a "tiny link". Is it possible to make the login proces quicker?
  6. Hi all, Some more points In the old webclient there was a button to expand notes to another browser window. Now I have copy and paste a link in another window.To format your note there is this "move over button" with the bullets, top right. If I move my mouse over the "bullets" the list expands. My first reaction is to click on this button so the bullets are being used first. Perhaps it's not directly a "bug" but it sure needs to get being used to. Regards Pieter
  7. Hi Nancy, As for the encrypted text : it fails safely so you see for one second the encrypted gibberish and not, say, my decrypted password. So it's more an aesthetic problem. Regards Pieter
  8. Hi there, The new webclient is rapidly becoming more useful! Thanx, A few questions It's not possible yet multi-select notes and change notebooks/tags etc?Will it be possible to encrypt notes in the new webclient? it's the only missing feature that I must use the (windows) client for.when I load a note with encryption it first show a short time the encryption textstring before hiding this behind the icon.Using on : FF39.0 / Win7
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