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  1. My 2 cents. It's not particularly quick. From login (username/ww set by browser) to show of page some 26 sec's. What OS are you on? Ubuntu 14.04.3What browser are you on? - ie. FF 42.0What is the size of the first note that loads when you login? - 551kBWhat type of content is in the first note that loads when you login? - some text+1 pdfDoes slow loading happen all the time? Or is it sporatic? No, this is usual, can be longerHow long did it take to load before you could interact with the UI? some 26 sec'sHow many total notes do you have?- 3644Are you a customer of our Evernote Business offering? NoWhat is the make & model of computer you have? AMD A8-3850 APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 2.9GHz Quadcore, 8GB RAM, Internet : fiber 50GbDo you experience this on other sites? No See further output from firefox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g2q2vza5coyv31t/Evernote_2015_12_08_54.json?dl=0
  2. Hi All, About Tables : When I make a table in the old webclient I can give rows and columns as much as I like, in the new client however the size of a table can only be 6x6 (see attachment) cells big. The interface is good but the maximum tablesize is limiting, are there any plans to expand the functionality as far as tables are concerned? Greetings Pieter
  3. Hi Nancy, Thanks for your post, can we easily see these bugfixes? Another question How about location data (gps) in the new webclient? When it is added I can see it, but nog edit it.When it is nog added, I can not add it to a note.Extra Feature which was also not in the webclient: What about a map with notes like in the desktop cliënt? Thanks and greetings, Pieter
  4. Hi There, When I delete a note, Evernote (Beta Webclient) shows a confirmation dialog (are you sure you want to delete this note?). After deleting it show in top a thingie "Moved to trash", with a link to the trash can. Question : How about not showing the confirmation dialog? This saves a click and a workflow disturbance. And when in doubt I can go to the Trash-can with the aforementioned "Trashcan thingie" ? See pictures below. Greetz, Pieter Delete confirmation Moved to trash:
  5. Hi There, The new webclient is getting better and better. I was thinking about the reminder settings. When you want to "change date" you can also choose in that option "Tomorrow" and "In a week". I suppose these are often chosen options. What about bringing these to the first Option list. This saves me on click every time I use these options. Then it looks something like : Greetz, Pieter
  6. Hi Nancy, What I mean is, when I made a "Saved Search" what do I have to do to make this Saved Search a Shortcut This is possible for Tags (works very nice by the way) but I do not see this for Saved Searches. - Pieter
  7. Hi, Thanks, Works as advertised :-) Question : Is it possible to send the saved note to the shortcuts ?? Thanks, Pieter
  8. Hi All, Nancy, Moving the notes works fine, thanks for this feature. Also the jumping to the target notebook is working great. Further : As Stuhrer wrote, same on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, FF40.0, Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202 : doesn't work, But does work in Chrome Version 44.0.2403.155 (64-bit) Greetz, Pieter.
  9. Hi I stumbled another Dutch Translation thingy : It says something like : You can edit the title of this note only because it is made in another app. Better would be : You can edit only the title of this note because it is made in another app. Proposal : Sorry, omdat deze notitie in een andere app is gemaakt kun je alleen de titel bewerken. Regards, Pieter
  10. Hi there, Perhaps a kind of newbie question but I am struggling with the question how to upload images in an Evernote Forum post. The is a My Media Library, but it is empty and I'm searching how to get this thing filled.Also the "Image" symbol above gives only the option to put a link in.Searching in the options and my Profile doesn't give me a clue either,I have searched the web but to no avail :-( I think the answer is ofcourse simple. Many thanks in advance, Regards, Pieter
  11. Thanks for the feedback. We'll take this into consideration as we continue to tweak and improve the product. Na Hi Nancy, Thanx, pieter
  12. With regard to notebooks : My notes are standard put in a central notebookonce in a while a sort these notes to other notebooksWhen I open this particular notebook, let's call it AAA, I see all the notesWhen I open the first note and change the notebook in this first not to, say, BBBThe view moves also to this note book, so I see all the notes of BBB instead of the remaining notes in AAAThis behavour baffles me a bit as my expectation, and my work flow is: Open first note in AAAchange notebook of this note to BBBMove to second note in AAAEffectively this becomes the first note in AAAGreetz, Pieter
  13. It's getting better. Another thought about the homepage/loginpage. And it is not only Evernote who does this. I see a very big button "Sign up now" for signing up. But I do this only one time. When I have signed up I must be looking for a smaller link to "Login". Luckily it is not a "tiny link". Is it possible to make the login proces quicker?
  14. Hi All, Great to be able to save a search, but how do I delete one or more saved searches? Same as Nico.Great to see the formatting thingies moved out-of-the way.The "old" webclient had the possibility to expand a note in a separate window. I still miss this feature (or was it a bug ;-) )There is this "gallery", which is a nice extra feature, but will the webclient in future be able to do also Skitch? Most important the most basic edit : rotate and crop ! Thnx again. Pieter
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