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  1. I haven't tried that option when I'm having this issue, so I don't know if this is a viable workaround, slow and cumbersome as it would be. If I'm wanting to view several shortcuts in succession, though, it would be quicker to restart my phone as that works to reset everything. In fact, I did that 3x today when selecting a shortcut not only didn't work, it froze my phone, which is a new wrinkle. At this point, I suppose I should uninstall/reinstall again. Maybe that will get rid of the freezing so I'm only dealing with misbehaving shortcuts. Can you suggest anything else?
  2. I couldn't find this one here already, but I would love to see the desktop application (Mac, in this case) change the positions of the info icon and the trash icon so they aren't next to each other. Ideally, place the trash icon on the other side of the share dropdown box, so it's the rightmost option. I cannot count the number of times I've had to fish through the trash when wanting to only view some information on a note.
  3. I'm here trying to resolve this issue on my Android phone as well. I've uninstalled/reinstalled, but still have the issue that accessing shortcuts from an icon on my home screen take me either to the All Notes list or, more lately, show no list of notes at all--just a blank, white screen. If I go into the app and select a shortcut from the menu, it'll open up correctly, but I won't accept losing access to saved searches from my home screen. I've had periodic issues over the years, but this one I can't resolve on my own.
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