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  1. gbarry, Thanks for posting those articles. They were just what I needed. I'm a free member and have been scanning in a lot of appliance manuals lately. Evernote has informed me that I am almost at my upload limit for the month. I've been uploading them as pngs and some are quite large. Do you think if I - going forward - were to turn the scans into pdfs before uploading to Evernote I'd be able to keep the sizes down significantly? Also, are there any other best practices for keeping the monthly data amount low? Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I'll probably spring for it once I'm ready to do webinars (again.) I like the idea of presenting from a notebook.
  3. Okay so I did find a check box to unclick under Tools.Options.Clipping. It was the show clipping notifications. That's probably what you meant. I had to restart but after that - no more notifications. Thank you! And happy holiday!
  4. So you're saying I'm stuck with this thing until I pony up for the Premium version?
  5. gazumped, I couldn't find Context under Tools>Options. Am I missing something? Remember, I have the free version if that makes a difference...
  6. I use the free version of Evernote. I'd like to know if there's a way to stop the popup (about note context) from flashing - or at the very least slow the rate of flashing down. It's located on the lower left part of the screen, and flashes nearly every time I type something in. It is quite irritating. Thanks!
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