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  1. I'm using Evernote Mac client. The thing is, for months since Evernote have updated the design to tasteless UI, typing on Evernote have become very annoying. I'm a fast typist, and I love to be able to move my cursor using directional key (up, left, right, down) quickly. But, when I start typing on Evernote for a few minutes, the keyboard response will become super slow compare to when I just start typing. The slowness happens when you hold the directional key down to navigate through multiple characters, to the point where moving mouse or repeatedly click the navigation key has become a faster method. To solve this, I have to click any other note and get back to the current note I have been typing and the cursor will become faster again, for another few minutes. If Evernote's core product is the note-taking, then this should be priority.
  2. Control click on a notebook and select 'Manage Sharing…'. You’ll see a list of the people you’ve shared the notebook with and what permissions you’ve given them. You can stop sharing with a particular person by clicking the X. There's nothing like that on Mac OS client. For the latest version, there's Share drop-down button on upper-right side, which has "Permission" on it at last. Thing is, this is a design flaw for making where you share (where you put the name of people to share with) at a different location from removing them. When I want to share something, I would like to confirm what I have shared so I would know that I already done it. When I share my notebook, I can't see the name of the people I just added. Get back to the older version, it's much much better
  3. Here's why the old version is much better: 1) The old version show which user that notebook already been shared to, along with permission. Before you want to share something, of course, you would want to see if you already shared it. Everything about "Share" control is in one place, easy to find, easy to use. 2) On Mac OS client, there's no way to see who have access to each notebook. Or, I'm too stupid to find where it reside. I want to remove some user from a share notebook and I still can't find it in the Mac client. This is really frustrating. 3) On the web version, you can see who have access to particular notebook when you press small "i" button on the top-right corner follow by click on "Modify Sharing". While the "Share" button has nothing like that at all. Why things about "Share" has been put deep in "i" rather than in "Share" like the old version? "Share" button only allow you to share to people, it will Also, the UI of the web version is time-consuming. When you have lots of notebook like me, and it take 5 clicks to remove someone from one notebook, it's too much time consuming. 4) After I learn of the "i" button on the web, I found the "i" button on the Mac client and thought that's where the share control is hidden. I'm wrong once again. The inconsistency between the web UI and client UI make me disappoint even more. It's really really frustrate. The new version design is only about reducing line and pushing chat function. When you try to put Chat in front of everything and hide the function that matter the most, it make me question, why do I use Evernote in the first place? Isn't it originally for making note?
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