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  1. andy, yeah there are lots of programmers that have managed to allow encrypted notes and such in their apps, Lastpass etc. but obviously we are evernote users and dont want to use multiple apps depending on what kind of notes we have. gazumped seems to really have a problem with the idea of passworded notes; he keeps wracking his brain to come up with reasons it would be a bad idea. this time he shifted the discussion to "how do you search inside of encrypted notes, thats impossible, millions of dollars would be needed, willing to buy it yourself?". *facepalm* i appreciate the snideness, but no we aren't asking to search inside password protected notes (no one even brought that up). we just want to be able to be able to password protect them, its actually a pretty simple concept. I'm sure it would take some effort on Evernotes part to figure it out, but it does seem like a pretty important function and I think they will implement it at some point, but it appears it's not a priority for them atm.
  2. totally. but i'd add it to mobile and browser versions as well. another problem with not having password protected notes: say you had a slightly embarassing note, like a poem you wrote, or notes to talk to you therapist about, etc. if you use evernote on your work computer, sometimes evernote will display the most recent note. So even if you wrote a personal note from home, your work computer could get restarted and all of a sudden your personal note is loaded on your work computer screen. like you said, this makes you need two note taking apps. one for almost everything (evernote), and one for personal notes. with how popular and useful evernote is, its totally silly that you cant password encode notes. and its also silly that so many people come out and defend not having this option
  3. it looks like it works when i use the software. however a lot of the time I am not on my home computer; i am at work, school, or a friends house. it wouldnt be an easy solution for me to install evernote on all of these each time. but thank you, i got my answer. i'll check back in a couple years and see if theyve added password protectable notes. i'm sure it will happen eventually.
  4. ive tried text encryption. it doesnt work for me (Safari, Mavericks). No option when following the instructions. Look at this example of my top secret omlette recipe. (no right-click encryption options) Even if it did work, I think highlighting a bunch of text ( a document could be very large) and encrypting and unencrypting every time is unintuitive and cumbersome to workflow. A document that quickly prompts you for a password when first opened would be extremely useful.
  5. This is the one basic feature ive been waiting for since the beginning. Every year or so I look into it to see if they've added it yet. Password Encrypt certain notes. A lot of us keep our Evernote logged in on our "safe" personal computers (home and office). So anyone that sits down has full access to everything. Not to mention logging into evernote in a public place and having personal info pop up on the screen because it was the last note you made (as opposed to that note not displaying until you type in it's password). do we still not have this feature? just checking.
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