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  1. I bought a new computer and I have been trying to use my evernote on the new one. It has been quite a while since I used Evernote but now I cant get into my old notes. If I click on open, I get this error message that reads...I need to online to register or perform an inital sync. Check your internet connection". I am not a "techy" I am very basic. I just want to use for taxes and letters. Im wanting to scan in the word format. Also when I scan and if I try to put it into document file program, (which converts it to PDF only) it doent read it clearly and I get symbols instead of numbers or words Im using windows 10 before I think it was windows 7
  2. Does anyone know how to close out a year of receipts and start up new but using the same title notebooks?
  3. I orig. sign up with evernote with an msn email account which was connected to a family members account. Without telling me the family member canceled the msn account. I have been trying to chg evernote to my new email account. I thought I had done that, signed out, and tried to sign back in. My new evernote account is blank and I cant get into the msn account as it isnt recognizing my password. Evernote said it was sending a reset to the msn account but I cant get to it. HELP! I had over 2 yrs of invoices scanned. I have written to evernote twice now but they havent gotten back with me yet
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