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  1. I'm using what I think has been the most up to date Evernote app for my phone (an iPhone 6), the version is shown currently as 7.71.315053
  2. It is very hard to tell what the sync settings are. For my phone (an iPhone 6) generally, it is meant to sync automatically (and most of the time I have access to Wifi, including when I have performed my most recent scans when the delays occurred). There don't seem to be any options to set sync settings in the Scannable app, and when it says "Saved to Evernote", what else can it mean except that the scan has been uploaded to the Evernote server, in which case, why doesn't it appear immediately when I look at my notebook on my pc and refresh the browser? (NB I don't need to "sync my pc", because I am not using the Evernote desktop app, instead I am looking at my account on evernote.com in a browser). After all, "saved to Evernote" surely can't mean saved to some other, holding place, and what would be the point anyway: if it can be saved to a holding place in the cloud, why not save it directly to my desired notebook in the cloud?
  3. Update: sometimes the scan doesn't appear in the notebook until I save another scan. Eg I did a scan yesterday, call it Scan1, and saved it to Evernote, but it still wasn't appearing a few minutes ago. I have just done a new scan, call it Scan2, and saved it to Evernote. Now when I refresh my Scans notebook in Evernote, I can see both scans (Scan1 and Scan2)! What is going on? Please fix this counter-intuitive/buggy behaviour.
  4. Here is my feedback, having used the app for a couple of months. I like the app and now use it as my first choice scanner, rather than our Brother printer/scanner. However, I have found the following confusing when using the app: if you scan multiple pages, and then save/upload, it is not obvious that when you save, you are saving ALL the pages to the same pdf file attachment to a note. It is not clear after saving, that the way to remove the existing scans from the App is to click New and then either close the App or do a new scan. A "Clear existing docs" button would seem clearer to me. As mentioned in a separate topic, it is not clear when the saved scan will appear in the selected notebook (I am experiencing delays of 20+ hours, which seems a bug/faulty).
  5. NB I also had problems posting even this very simple new topic. I got an error message "Sorry, an error occurred. Your topic contains suspected spam." until I made apparently trivial changes to the topic heading and content (making them slightly shorter in each case) - please fix that problem as it makes posting new topics in this forum very frustrating.
  6. The last several times I have used the app from my phone, I have saved a scan to a notebook, and the app says it has saved the scan successfully, yet the scan doesn't appear in the notebook when I look at it in the browser on my pc for about a day or more later. This is very annoying. Sometimes I think that the scan has failed to save somehow, so I do it again, only to find later that I then have 2 scans in the Scans notebook with similar names. What is going on please? How can this be fixed?
  7. Getting the same here. I've never had problems posting to lots of other forums. Seems to be a bug or very inappropriate setting for this forum - please fix, as otherwise it makes this forum unusable to report problems/give feedback etc.
  8. I've also posted this same comment elsewhere, but am posting it here for completeness. From what I can see, I still prefer to use Scannable at the moment because scans are then saved as pdf attachments to a note, whereas from within Evernote they seem to be saved as images within the content of a note, which is less useful.
  9. A more complete answer at the moment seems to be that: if you use Evernote, the image seems to get saved as part of the inner content of a note as an image. Whereas with Scannable, you can save the image as an pdf attachment to a note, which seems more useful.
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