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  1. What I am trying to do is scroll through slides following along with my lecture and attach the audio either from a dedicated bluetooth mic or a cell phone with a compatible mic app that I can place at the front of the class. 1. Is it possible to use Evernote to attach audio to specific slides automatically as I scroll through them, or does each slide need to be imported individually? 2. What microphone is best to use at the front of the class, a cell phone or dedicated bluetooth? 3. Can I also use a livescribe sky or echo to simultaneously attach additional written notes and diagrams to the slides? I am asking these questions because I am trying to choose between evernote and a livescribe or sonocent auto notetaker. As far as I can see the sonocent system would be perfect for attaching audio to slides. So far I can not see if evernote can do this. However I like the integration with livescribe Sky that is available with evernote, but there is the limitation of using the pens mic or the headset and I do not know if it will pickup good audio from the lecturer at the front of the class. Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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