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  1. Yes please. I have a note that I'm using right now to collect a list of YouTube links I want to watch, for an online event. I only need the links. I don't want little embedded videos. Honestly, I will never want little embedded videos. I don't know why anyone would ever want little embedded videos. I know it probably seemed like a really clever thing to whoever came up with this feature, but it's way more annoying than useful. (OK, I should back off a bit. Maybe somebody finds it useful. 😀)
  2. I've got one weird issue with Evernote for Windows. I'm on version 10.6.9-win-ddl-public (2254). Whenever I first go into Evernote after a reboot or power on, it always opens to the same note. It's a fairly arbitrary note, but it's always the same one, and has been stuck that way over the last couple of Evernote versions. If I exit from Evernote and go back in, within the same session (not logging out or rebooting or anything), then it behaves as expected, and returns to the note I was working on last. I hope I've explained that well. I did a little searching here and didn't find any similar issues. And I also use Evernote for Mac, and I don't experience this issue there. (Though, come to think of it, I almost never actually reboot or power down my Mac. I usually just put it to sleep.)
  3. This issue seems to have straightened itself out, though I lost one note on the iPhone (not a big deal). The error I got on that note was: "Error. The data is required. Parameter: Resource.noteGuid." Sync in general seems to be slow now, but working.
  4. I'm noticing today and yesterday that both my iPhone and iPad aren't syncing. My Mac and Windows Evernote clients seem to be doing fine, but changes aren't coming down to iPhone and iPad, and changes on the iPhone/iPad aren't syncing back up. I'm pretty sure I'm on the older iOS software. The iPhone says it's I've tried restarting the iPhone, but that didn't help.
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