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  1. Still can't use the Shift - Option - D keystrokes successfully in the browser. What the? Just want to add timestamps as I enter text into a single note. Hmm.
  2. I'm on a MAC and would love to have the keystrokes work as mentioned. I'll check out the suggestions. I'm assuming I need to upgrade my plan to enjoy the keystrokes if I don't find success with the other suggestions made... Thanks!
  3. I am using the web app on MAC. I no longer see that I have the Desktop app. Does this make sense and does it mean I need to have the desktop app to use this feature?
  4. I want to timestamp different entries as I write a single notes - and within the same note. I see instructions for this at: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004877-How-to-add-date-and-time-stamps-to-your-notes but can't produce the Keystrokes the URL says to follow. HELP!!!
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