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  1. So I'm a little irritated by this newer "Context" option introduced because it really feels, smells and looks like an advertisement! It's kinda like the old adage, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck”. So here is my scenerio and you tell me what you think. I was on Facebook, saw a post for a Recipe and posted into my notebook and viola, I get a "context" in the bottom of the screen.... "Think Outside the Pumpkin Pie Box 11/19/2014 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL" click on it and up pop's up the full article. Okay... Yes it's relevant information, but my bigger concern is what happens when I'm storing confidential information like maybe clients information, passwords, bank account info, credit cards info, doctors notes, alarm codes, etc. You can't tell me that my information is 100% secure and confidential when you have to SUBMIT my information to The Wall Street Journal to see if they have an article that I might be interested in or could be relevant to the data entered in my notebooks. I'm not some skeptic that thinks big brother is watching I just feel that I should be in control of my data. Yes I know you can go turn Context off in the preferences, yes I know you can control the sources in which you get info from. However... 1) You didn't ask me if I wanted this turned on.... I had to find out about it by seeing an ad on my premium account 2) Did you already upload my entire Evernote account to these services before I got the opportunity to turn off the feature or select who could have access to my information? It's just my two cents.... I would be curious to hear what others think. Evernote_Prem.tiff
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