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  1. OK, this question is directed to normal, consumer-oriented users. I know well that business users tend to use Evernote more for their project sharing and stuffs. Seriously, I have downloaded Evernote for more than a year and couldn't even get past the 2MB/month mark despite using it almost everyday. I'm so confused at how could anyone be in need of even more data than that in...a month. I don't even feel normal anymore. It was even less than a MB before I started using the web clipper. After discovering its great potential, I began to store grammatical notes as I'm studying languages right now, to cite sources for research papers. But, that's it... nothing else really comes to mind as I use Pocket for saving articles since it has Dark mode in android and feels more convenient than Evernote in that matter(offline mode and etc.). Also, I use Asparagus(android app) to store recipes since it has a more organized UI and could organizes them in an easier way. As for calendar events, there's plenty of third-party apps on android that can sync with Google Calendar which keeps me better organized. Google Keep has a better widget since Evernote's widget with its annoying announcement trumpet that can't stop protuding your screen. I also can't get over the fact that Evernote's List widget isn't transparent and doesn't have a black background. Also, you can't remove the top banner which wastes 1xhorizontal column of space. What's the point of not being able to customize the widget? //end of rant for not being able to use Evernote for lifestyle related notes. Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote. I use it all the time for anything assignment-related or proses-related. But that's all. It seems as if there is always a better app if I want a more specialized field, Evernote just felt too... writing-centric for me. I used to copy a 200 pages long webnovel I found online and tried to paste it onto Evernote, and only found that it was lagging so much that it wasn't suitable to be used to store large file texts. So honestly, I abandoned that idea of using Evernote for large chunks of text. Even though I'm sketching up lots of writings and ideas, it's still not surpassing 2MB/month. Yeah, other than diaries, essays, studying notes, and writing short stories. I can't find any other uses for Evernote other than you know, /writing/. All that being said, I don't even know if I can write 60MB of text in a month, it just seems so... unfeasible.
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