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  1. I realize I can do this on my computer, but I'm looking to do it on my Android (Moto X). Thanks!
  2. I have several notes in Evernote that I use as lists for packing purposes whenever I go on a trip; to help me remember what to pack in my carry-on, in my checked bag, for my toddler, and things I need to do in the house before we leave. It's handy to re-use these lists each time since most of the items remain the same. However, a few things change--when I traveled in the summer I added swimsuits and sunscreen, for example, and now I don't need those. However, if I delete the line item, the blank line is still there and I can't find any way to delete it. I use check boxes, and I've tried changing the line to bullet points, numbered, blank, etc, to be able to delete the line entirely, with no luck. I can replace the item with something else, but otherwise my only choice is to manually type in (or copy/paste) items from lower on the list up into the blank spaces. This seems kind of ridiculous and there MUST be a way to delete a line, right? Help?
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