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  1. This is part of the reason I stopped being a paying user. There are other more Hebrew friendly apps.
  2. The Scannable functionality currently isn't working very good in the Evernote app. Which is very disappointing. I have tried the Evernote cam scan, but the Scannable cam is *way* better. So much that if I'll go from an iPhone to an android, I will keep the iPhone just for the Scannable app because android doesn't have the Scannable app. Thanks anyway Shauli
  3. Hi there Evernote and Scannable teams! I use Scannable daily and love it, but I really want to ask for a feature that would save me so much time: - Auto-Rotate: Allow through settings a flag which will disable the auto rotate when scanning docs. Sometimes your algorithm is turning upside down *every* page. I'm using the iPhone application. Thanks a lot! Shauli
  4. Hi there everybody, I just updated my macs' Evernote to the latest version, and something has changed. Usually I'm writing in Hebrew. I had an option to set the paragraph direction to RTL (sadly, no such default option), and that would have set the note format to be kind of RTL note (kind-of because not all things worked correctly and some worked partially). Now, with the new version, it still aligns the text to the right, but the "numbering" and "bulleting" does not work well. As always, I select the entire text in the note editor, right click the selected text and chose "Paragraph Direction" -> "Right to left", This is causing the numbers to align to the right, and text will align to the left. Horrible And there's this new option (or I just haven't saw it) which makes the note "plain text" .. what is this ? Thank you for any help. Shauli Antar
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