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  1. I just spent half an hour attempting to share a notebook. Eventually I gave up and used google, then read about 3 screenfuls of instructions before I finally figured it out. The sharing/work chat interface is APPALLINGLY bad. 1. When you click "share" you get thrown into some kind of hybrid contacts/chat window. It seems that this window IS the sharing window. Totally non-obvious. I must have opened it fifty times thinking the app was buggy and was throwing up the wrong window. 2. It is entirely unclear who I'm sharing the note with. Really that little slot at the top where I jam in the emails is it? So horrible. 3. It took me ages to find where to click to share a notebook (instead of a note). Even though I've now done it once I've forgotten so next time I will have to google how to again. 4. Each time I tried to share something and thought it was not working because the hybrid contacts/chat window does not have anything to say you've shared anything or not, it creates another chat "room" in the "work chat" window. So I ended up with *heaps* of them. That is a bizarre side effect to have when you thought you were just adding some share permissions to a note. I think it's sort of like this, maybe: - To share something you create a chat room with your buddies, and this gives them permission to access it. - If you forget to add somebody you create *another* chat room with the original people and the new one? - If you delete the chat room perhaps they lose access? (this is unclear) - You can also modify the access via the permission menu on the note (maybe deletes the chat room??) - You can right-click on a notebook and open a manage-sharing panel to delete people (maybe kicks them from the chat room??) Anyway I've managed to share something and we are collaborating so am not game to touch it now or experiment any further. So, so SO very confused. Please have the devs sit down WITH AN EXPERIENCED UX PERSON and re-deisgn this.
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