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  1. Just wanted to say I'm now running 6.0.5 on my Mac 10.10.1 and suddenly I can see all my notes instantly. This is day two and so far so good, I'm opening and running without a problem....
  2. I have (seemingly) blank notes too. Having read the above notes and tried a few things this is what I've observed (6.0.3 on iMac 2012 running Yosemite); notes are perfectly visible on iPad and iPhone.on Mac, card view shows image of content but as soon as click to open a card in a window - nothing. Blank.If I wait for 60s the content will eventually appear.If I click Present on a card the content shows up in Presentation okIf I open a note in a window, then open a second different note in another window straight away, the content of the first note appears immediately!Weird or what? Btw this applies to notes that have been created both recently and over months past, on the Mac and created via both text only or photos button on iPhone and iPad.
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