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  1. Hello, I come back on the subject . of to be advertised by Evernote when you are on the point of rearchiving a page already on Evernote. You write : " I believe it might be difficult to show an effective warning before the clip is complete" The site archive.is, yet, has found a solution For instance , we can go to : https://www.centre-morbihan-tourisme.bzh/decouvrir/le-patrimoine-religieux/2-calvaire-de-guehenno.html As soon as I have asked archiving I have the notification ( see capture) Cette page a été archivée la dernière fois il y a 4 mois Si ce cliché semble obsolète vous pouvez de nouveau You can also go to https://archive.is/kwM84 I think that this property is important. Sometimes, You archive pages of web but you dont know the subject perfectly or you forget you have already done the action. Several months later, you are on a similar subject and in your search you can find the same references without knowing it. If you have the advertisement , you have to compare questions of yesterday and question of to-day : so, you have to improve your notes. Thank you
  2. Hello, Thank you for your answer . I think that it would be good that Evernote would be able to announce that an URL has been already archived on Evernote That is possible On Netvouz for bookmarks Indeed, I use Netvouz http://www.netvouz.com/ to manage some bookmarks online and I am satisfied . I have the following site in my bookmarks on Netvouz : http://canauxdebretagne.org/ Suppose I have forgotten that the site canauxdebretagne is put already in my bookmarks Now, to put canauxdebretagne as a new bookmark I select the button "Add2Netvouz" Then , I have at once, in red, the advertisement : " You already have this web site bookmarked. We have ...." When reading an advertisement, I am happy of the managing site, I am happy to have already written notes on this site , I read what I wrote and I improve description if it is good Thank you
  3. Hello, If I use Clearly to archive a web page , if I am not wrong, there is no advertisement to say that ten days before, - or two years ago - , I have already archived the page on Evernote. In fact, I search an extension that displays a notification when I have selected on the screen a page put in favorite or for which I have archived notes. I found this morning when reading https://outilscollaboratifs.com/2017/02/hypothesis-annoter-une-page-web-ou-un-pdf-a-plusieurs/ a tool https://web.hypothes.is/ which gives a small notification ( by the color of the extension and a number) but this tool can be improved, I think. : notification must be very visible . There are also sites which say to the internaut : you have already this page in your bookmarks . I think that Evernote has surely this option, mais where is it ? Thank you.
  4. Hello, I wish to create easily a base of links for several personal and private blogs on Blogger in order to find my posts related to a subject, written on several blogs The elements to register in evernote for each post are at least URL , titre, labels I have tried with PSE http://pse.contraterrene.com/engine/ This tool does the work (see capture) but manual data entry is a very long operation I have Evernote web clipper and I have just discovered the option : "favori" . The tool is then for me .... Is not possible to have also the labels of each post registered ? Thank you
  5. Bonjour Problème réglé J'ai désinstallé totalement evernote http://www.geekuninstaller.com/ après avoir exporté mes notes sur le bureau La réinstallation s'est effectuée correctement , après cependant l'indication d'une erreur signalée au support. Mais le fonctionnement paraît normal ; toutes les notes sont importées et l'affichage en ligne fonctionne Merci
  6. Bonjour, j'ai un ennui sur l'affichage dans Evernote installé sur un PC sous Windows 7 Si j'affiche les notes en mode liste , je n'ai que la dernière note affichée . Dans les autres modes d'affichage , la liste des notes est présente . J'ai réinstallé Evernote mais cela ne change rien. Sur un portable, sous Windows 7 également, je n'ai pas ce problème : tout fonctionne : la liste des notes est présente Que faire ? Merci hello, I have a trouble on Evernote installed on a PC with Windows 7 If I show notes in list mode , only the last note is displayed ; . In other display modes,extracts of tickets are present I reinstalled Evernote but it changes nothing. On a laptop , Windows 7 also , I do not have this problem : everything works : the note list is present What to do ? Thank you
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