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  1. when i use the same version of Evernote (private), there is no such problem. Only Evernote Business account! I have to change all the account im my company to be private account so that we can use a original multi-column stacks. The new Evernote Business design is totally bad!
  2. yes. we met the same problem. but until now don´t know how to solve it.
  3. no. i have tried this version 6.2 Beta 3. But it can not be install in my computer. New problem come... so sad....
  4. I think we are using different version. What i have is Evernote Business 6.1. I can not find out any software update icon, although i used german version.
  5. I think we are using different version. What i have is Evernote Business 6.1. I can not find out any software update icon, although i used german version.
  6. Yes. I using a mac. But on the version 6.1 there is no "software update" any more, and there is no "Enable new notebook view for personal accounts"
  7. thank you very much for this information. sorry but i can not find this "Software Update" in my version. It looks like has been deleted in preference area. Could you please tell me more about where is this option?
  8. I find out that the new Evernote Business (Version 6.1) designed two different home page for private and business user. Evernote 6.1 for Private: the "Notice book" page design keeps the old version, so we can see all the name of notice books in one page. Evernote 6.1 for Business: all the notice book name following one by one, from above to below. If we have a lot of notice books, we can not see all of them in one page any more. It´s really very bad for our company. We really hate this new design. The most useful function of Evernote is easy to organize notices in different notice books in one page. But now this function totally go away! we have to move mouse again and again to manager and organize those different notice books. Could you please just put an option on the new version, so that we can change the new look of "Notice Book" page to the old version. Otherwise we really don't know how to work on Evernote any more.
  9. We have the same issue. Some times i successful login and i can see the items, but i can not see any note. Please see the picture. I spend a lot time to wait, and install. But it does not work. My company can not work with out Evernote. And the Home page of note book is really to back as the version 6.08.
  10. I am really confuse about the volumen about Evernote Business Account. Our company used Evernote Business to manager document. We got 4GB Private + 10GB Business space, according to the evernote´s saying. Now the problem come always: 1. When i used all of my 4GB private space, i can not add documents, picture or something else in evernote any more, even though i open a business notice (should be 10GB or 10-4=6GB rest), it also dosen´t work. That means i pay for 4+10 = 14GB, but actually i only get 4GB. I always see the i have still enough space to add document what i want, but every time we the space for private 4GB reached (last time evernote give me more 1GB as a gift to solve this problem, thanks), i can not add any thing. 2. Then i want to waiting for the new month for upload-contingent go back to 0 then i can continue to work, because i know i will have 4GB again. But, just like today. in my Evernote App shows i should get space today, but if i click the account information to go to the online account information, evernote show me i should waiting for more 30 days. That means i can not use my ever note as well. I want to pay more space but don´t know where should i click. Could you please let me know that is the meaning of the ever note business account again? Thank you every much.
  11. Hello Gazumped Thank you very much for your advice. I got the ticket number with Ticket# 871508 - data and document loss I am waiting for the document come back to my computer. Otherwise we can not work any more. :::>.<:::
  12. I tried but really do not know what happend. But i am so glad to hear that my date bank will not lost :::>.<:::
  13. @gazumped Thank you very much. What i can get is only a invoice number, which i just reactive for my account. I can not find the the payment record in the past 1 years 4314181784178586 Before i lost information, we always use Evernote Business. But now i can only update to a premium account but not a business account. I really confused the both account and do not know what can i do not. Please help me. :::>.<:::
  14. I used evernote for 1 year for me and my company. I used a credit card to pay the bill. Sorry i forget to update the informaiton about my credit card because my credit card is lost and i locked it. Evernote delete all the information on my computer and i can only find some of document in Evernote and most important document is not on Evernote anymore. All the document which i shared to my colleage can not be seen as well on theirs account. I used a new credit card and update als a premium account again. But i can not find all the information about my important document any more!!! I really do not know what happend and how can i get those document again? There is no any telefone on the web so that i can revive my document. What should i do now? I was really upset now!!! We spend more that one year to write those document and can not find them any more!
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