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  1. Thanks for the reply . . . I've recovered my S-Note files, and moved on. I'm sure Evernote is good for some, but to me it seems like it has been stretched to too many things, none of them very well. I'll stay with S-Note for my notebooks, and continue using One-Note (which cleanly syncs through OneDrive) along with Outlook (both of which work with all of Office). I don't think I've ever tried to work with an app that is so user un-friendly (in the sense that the basic operations and set up are not the least bit intuitive or standard) and without open information to find how to configure and use it. I'll just send a weekly email to Samsung requesting a means to remove it from my phone.
  2. I decided to try evernote . . . and immediately lost all my notebooks and notes in S Notes . . . what gives with this worthless application???? is there anyway to recover what it has destroyed? Is there anyway too absolutely and totally remove it from my galaxy note 4?
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