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  1. Thanks for that advice. I've dumped 6.9.3 and gone back to 6.2, and things are back to normal.
  2. I'd like to re-open this topic as I see there have been no posts for a few months. Until quite recently (maybe a week or 2?) Web Clipper has worked beautifully for me in Firefox under Win 7 Pro. A couple of days ago I tried to clip a web page. Clipper wanted me to login, but whenever I tried I was told "checking credentials is taking too long". I wondered if I was using the wrong password, so asked to reset the password. I was using the correct password, as it turned out, but changed it anyway as there didn't seem to be any other option. I can now sign in, but any attempt to save a page results in a warning from Noscript that a page object is changing when I click Save and they suspect an attack. The only difference I can see is that the text lines change position very slightly, but no substitute text or similar is shown, but the only way I can continue is to unlock the object (not recommended by Noscript). Then when I click Save in Web Clipper, the saving bar comes up but never finishes - just goes on and on and on...and nothing is clipped or saved. I can go to another web-page andf back and the clipping is apparently continuing. If I click anywhere on the page being clipped, the clipping/save bar disappears. I get no error messages and no clipping. Something appears to be badly broken. Can you please provide an explanation or give some idea of when this might be fixed. thank you
  3. Many thanks! That did the trick. Re-created the import folder link. Files still did not appear until I transfered them to the desktop and back, but they are there now and have synched to the online database, so fingers crossed that the problem is solved.
  4. Thanks for that advice. The online database looks the same as my local one - no sign of the recent additions, although if the local DB is not importing properly that probably isn't surprising. But the notes that I thought were in the wrong notebook are the same online, so perhaps they were simply errors in assigning to the notebooks and the only error is the cuurent inability for my local version to import files from the import folder. Any thoughts on why that might be the case or how to fix it? I considered tempoarily removing the 2 new files and then putting them back into the import folder, but if repeated manual synching isn't finding them that probably isn't going to work.
  5. Adding to the initial problem description: The import folder exists and is specified correctly with the appropriate notebook in Evernote. The 2 most recent scanned document files are in the import folder, but are not in either Evernote notebook and cannot be found by searching within Evernote. Manual synching does not add these files to Evernote.
  6. Hello I've been using Evernote under Win 7 Pro for several months. Today when I attempted to start Evernote after a computer shutdown/reboot/Windows update, I received a message (which I unfortunately did not copy) to the effect that I had another synced account and I needed to select the last database I used. Only one option appeared, which I clicked on. When Evernote started I noticed a number of errors. I have 2 notebooks, and some notes from 1 were appearing in the other. Several notes added previously did not appear to be there any longer, and at least 2 items that should have been added from a linked folder were not in the Evernote (but are present in the folder). Running a sync did not discover these items. I closed everything, and restarted the computer. Nothing changed. The same errors were apparent, and syncing did not find the items in the linked folder (in fact, there no longer appears to be a linked folder in Evernote). I would be very grateful if anyone can suggest what I should do next.
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