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  1. Your users have just explained at length how they want to use sharing. And how we really, in a lot of situations, have no use for accounts for the recipients of our notes. I think it is bad practice to ignore these comments, we really do not care about you "onboarding new users" (lose the lingo, really) and keep going with the attitude at your own risk. It makes no sense form a business perspective to brush off our comments like this, and it makes no sense to hide a once useful sharing option. Do we need an account to read a tweet, a public FB post, or whatever?
  2. The "de-emphasizing" of sharing via email is driving me crazy. Please "re-emphasize" asap. I want to share via email. Who says work chat is an improvement in the way I work? Not me. It's fine if you work chat all you want, but my clients, staff and co-workers are really not interested.
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