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  1. 42, I don't know how I'd missed this (I search round this regularly!), but thank you. I will give it a try Immediately.
  2. A plea to the implacable Evernote gods, if they are listening, to add the functionality to collate whole notebooks into a single PDF (say) to allow printing. I've seen the various methods suggested in the fora here so I know there are ways to jury-rig this, but unless I'm misunderstanding none of them are very elegant and all are workarounds of one sort or another. Further, when I've tried them they tend to badly mash up formatting, notes ordering, etc etc. Of course if I'm being dumb and there is an easy and effective way to do this, apologies, and advice gratefully received. (I've also used CloudHQ which is pretty good - the least bad workaround - but in recreating your notes in new PDF format the ordering of the notebook gets messed up because metadata gets messy, there are reasons its ineffective to save whole big notebooks to single PDF so you have to collate all separate notes, so it's hard to recreate a book in the order it was created, you end up with ugly layout, notes of one line on a whole unnecessary page, blah blah...). I work in a creative industry and my main notebook is a literally indispensable scrapbook of thoughts, images, etc. I go through it for inspiration all the time but I'm far more inclined to browse it, especially the older entries, in hard copy form - just as I have a shelf of my old handwritten pre-Evernote notebooks, that I still regularly trawl for ideas. I want nicely bound, color copies of my Evernote notebooks to join them, images, writing, placeholding symbols for videos and audio I can browse through, chase up, etc. And googling (here and elsewhere) for 'print Evernote notebooks' shows there are a ton of us out there dying for this functionality. (To avoid the weirdly defensive troll-y arguments that can break out here, please let me stress: I know what Evernote says about green and paperless etc, and I know what it says about what it is and isn't for, and I know they have no 'obligation' to do this, and I know they are unlikely to listen or care, and far from being 'ungrateful' I was an early adopter of Evernote and proselytise for it endlessly, and so forth I would just find it even more invaluable if this functionality was built in and simple.)
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