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  1. can't send message to @EvernoteHelps because Twitter won't send messages to people who don't follow me.
  2. I have gone to the support page and filled in the box where it says "Briefly describe the subject". I do so. Then I click "continue". Then the page just says "Ask the community". It does not provide me with a support ticket number, an email address, or any other indication that I have contacted or can contact anyone at Evernote. It just refers me back to this community site. This is really frustrating. There is no way to post a support request for payment issues. Try it yourself and you'll see what I mean. If you can tell me how to get a ticket I'll be glad to do it, but the system won't even let me do that. Can you post an email address here of someone I can contact? Don't you want my money? Sheesh.
  3. I am trying to upgrade to Evernote Premium, but the system won't let me. It keeps saying that I haven't filled in the CC information, even though I have. I can't contact Evernote about it, because you can't communicate with Evernote unless you are already a premium member - there is not even a phone number for sales listed on the web site! I would like to send Evernote my money, but they are making it impossible to do so! Thanks.
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