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  1. Same problem for me as above - the special Moleskin book works no better than a regular one, yet is about £15 more expensive! Additionally, even after waiting a day, when the OCR works, it only does so from a search on the main screen (in the iOS app), but does not work in the search feature when you have the document open. Also, I have noticed that the OCR does not work at all for words written entirely in capitals. So, I search for "hello" and it managed to bring a Moleskine page up. I click on that document and the word "hello" is highlighted in yellow. But when I then tap the search icon and enter hello while still in the document, no results found!
  2. I'm sure Evernote used to be able to search for text in non text files (e.g. PDF, JPEG, etc). However, in the new version, it's not recognising any writing from Penultimate, or images I have uploaded from an Evernote Moleskine book. I'm on a premium account... is there something I have to do to get this working, or did I imagine this feature? The online video tutorials certainly seem to imply that I should be able to search for text in these files. I posted a support call to Evernote, but heard nothing back.
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