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  1. I agree with some others here: your prompt acknowledgement of the issues and commitment to release improvements arising from the troubled update is much appreciated. However, I fear your plan may be haphazard and reactionary since the original thinking behind this "improved" version is flawed by the abandonment of the paper-like notebook that allows users to scan and flip through different notebooks very easily. The writing and scrolling features are abysmal. My notes have vertical clawing-like lines running through them because I can't readily scroll through them as before. It seems to me that allowing users to revert back to the original version until a fully optimized upgrade can be released would be beneficial to everyone--users would have the features and benefits that attracted them to the product in the first place, and Evernote could take the proper amount of time to test and troubleshoot the app before releasing another version. In any case, looking forward to these improvements - when can we download the new version, or the old version?
  2. I am also unhappy with the update. I would like to go back to the old app, but can't figure out how to. On this version the writing is much worse than the prior version- it is slow to keep up with my writing speed. It's like having a delayed auditory feedback for writing- which is now stuttering and sputtering. I also can't flip through oages or look at the full layout of the notebook. I am very visually oriented so used different colors and created headings for each page in my monthly notebook so I could easily scan the pages in front of me to get back to particular pages- this is especially useful when someone calls me and I just want to flip to pages on the subject or about that particular contact. The addition of new pages now takes three steps instead of the simple touching of '+' and this interrupts my train if thought. While I appreciate the effort in creating the FAQ Evernote put out, the truth is that it's not helpful because the ultimate problem lies in having taken away a great intuitive interface- no amount of FAQ is going to solve that. Pkease give us the option of downloading and reverting back to the older version. I am about ready to go back to paper and that makes me unhappy.
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