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  1. I'll need your help on this one. Here are the steps I tried: create a new note, paste a URL, tap on the link > the web page opens save this note, open again, tap on the link > the web page opens too Could you maybe describe your problem the same way so I understand it? I create the note on my computer (previously a PC, now a Mac, but the result is the same). These are internal links to other notes by the way, not URLs. So I hold shift while adding an internal link to piece of text. Then I upload the note. In android, I switch on the beta editor and go into that note. Then clicking on the green link will most of the time result in asking me to edit rather than taking me to the note. However, there are occasions where it does take me to the note. I.e. it really is hit and miss with this. That said, even when it does work, it brings me to the next note, but then automatically saves my previous note. I can tell that from the message that pops up at the bottom. That is not ideal, as I think it means that it will reupload the note (which didnt need editing in the first place, I do this on my Mac) after being saved and just takes up time and upload data. Also, if an accidental mistake is made, it is automatically saved and I wouldnt know about it.... Hard to describe, but this is the behaviour. As I have numerous links to other notes, it becomes a real issue. Btw although not happy about the changes, I do appreciate Evernote assistance and willingness to work on this. Hopefully a good solution can be found. Thanks for the details, but even when I follow these steps, I'm still not able to reproduce your issue. Can you please give more info about (device , OS version, Build number in Settings > support, logs if possible). Thanks in advance for your help.
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