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  1. It is hard to know where to start with Evernote Mac 6.0.2 issues The most critical is that the sync function is dead so that the couple of hundred documents I scanned into Evernote in my weekend administrative blitz are stranded on my desktop which won't sync. Errors vary from "Cannot establish secure SSL connection" to " Cannot sync <note>" to "Cannot connect to the server". All of my other applications work fine and my internet connection has been stable and reliable. And the recommended fix from the illustrious tech support group is to wipe the application and its data and start over.... not happening because I've already shredded 60 of the documents I scanned in. So I took the pill and started exporting all my notes of the 60 odd notebooks (of which at least 30 were updated locally in the last four days) but that process started failing too. Exporting a dozen notes on average 2 MB each created a .ENEX file that was 3 MB... forgive me if I have no confidence that the notes are properly backed up. Furthermore, the Exporting process sometimes worked by dragging and dropping and sometimes that didn't work at all and I had to right click on the group of notes and call up the export function (which in turn failed a few times as well). Worse yet, because the export process can only be done on a per notebook basis and you don't automatically name the export with the name of the source notebook, one has to either recreate the stack as a series of folders or decode your numbering system. I am a couple of Evernote hating hours into this process and each minute that ticks by increases the venom. My last attempt at a fix was to upgrade from Mavericks 10.9.5 to Yosemite having read a thread that Evernote 6.0.X worked more smoothly on Yosemite 10.10.1 ... no dice. So I am at standstill, can't sync, can't backup reliably and have shredded some of that content that is scanned into and my only option from the support ticket is wipe all the content and reinstall... are you serious? I cannot fathom how inadequate a quality assurance program has to be to deliver such an unreliable piece of software. On a last note (pun intended), somewhere on your website it says that uninstalling, wiping content and reinstalling the evernote client does not put content at risk because it is all stored on your servers... which of course isn't true for local notebooks and content that is trapped due to a failed sync function. For the non-tech user (the intended reader of that particular piece of content), your communication is very risky if Evernote is the only place they have put their content. My confidence is utterly shaken. I hope you can come up with some magic trick to restore the sync function so I can avoid the risk of improprer backups.
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