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  1. Afaik the voting feature wasn't here when the thread started back in 2012, you could only post a comment! There are 140 replies to this thread, I did read most of them and they do ask for the feature or find crazy workarounds, so *yes* hundreds of backers. Btw, in the process of changing the forum this was also tagged as a "Windows" request, but lots of people who posted are Mac users so this should be across the board of all desktop apps, not just Windows. Please everyone who posted here, upvote the idea as this now seems to be the way...
  2. This is insane, 4 years of wait time, hundreds of backers, I submitted yet another support ticket to make them aware of this forum, feel free to do so!
  3. @Newlands: wait another 12 years and evernote might decide that after 10k people posting here it could be worth the 2.5 lines of code they need to write for this feature :/ Meanwhile in terms of white light being too agressive at night this changed my life: https://justgetflux.com/ give it a try, it really helps by adapting the light level to the hour of the day.
  4. Since 2012 thousands of people have been asking for that, come on evernote, it can't be THIS hard. @All: I submited another support request about that, I suggest we all do the same, they have to read support requests at least...
  5. Hi all, I did submit a support request for this feature and this is the answer I got so far: Apparently this feature isn't in the roadmap yet. I would suggest that all of you who need this feature send a support ticket as well on: https://evernote.com/contact/support/ the more we send such tickets the more likely we are to get it added to our favorite note-taking app!
  6. +1, +1, +1, has been about 3 years since people who love evernote requested this, come on, give me access to the code and I'll happily implement it in a weekend
  7. +10 for this feature, the recent mac update makes it actually even hard to read anything in evernote. Come on, this is 2015, adding a setting for changing the background of an app would take any dev about 2 hours...
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