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  1. It's an issue of the masses. The masses may not be always right - they need guidance. Failure of education. Pursuit of mediocrity to cater to the lowest common denominator, rather than pursuit of excellence. It's all part of the yin yang. In order to have winners, you need losers. 'Notion' may be the future today . . . I do have Evernote free - now static as I switched to another note program, ... no proper screen background... no subscription/payment. Simple. Posting here, hoping the young marketing minds at Evernote will do some 'thinking', and science based GUI on how the mind work and sees. Testing out Notion. On my desktop, I use AllMyNotes.... the superlative everyday PIM. Many a talking package like Jovan.... eg: We use stark glaring white, high in blue so that YOU can (insert your marketing reason).
  2. Change background color. This is not an idea, this is a self evident truth. But, hey, what do I know. MS went with Roger Rabbit GUI, then in 8 & 10, wishy washy colors, thin fonts, stark backgrounds, unintelligible tiles instead of icons, random tile sizes with weird ideograms and lots of stock pictures not related to the topic at hand. Maybe it's THC accumulation in the brain of marketers!
  3. Incredible. Steno paper is off white, pads are pale yellow, accounting paper either light green or brown. MS gives us stark wife backgrounds with THIN stick fonts that blend into the glaring white. The world has gone mad, proof that science is dead in the schools, and marketing is king. Remember that if I buy something, it is not an endorsement, but often settling for something in the face of mediocre products. So, let us study how the eye sees, the purpose of serifs, and fonts with wider bodies.
  4. Either I'm getting old eyes, or the world has gone to uneducated graphic artists with no basis or knowledge of science and how we see. Form over substance. The fonts are getting smaller and like sticks, and on white glaring background. Hence they dissolve. Helvetica was designed for posters, not small text. I guess no one understands the purpose of serifs. No one reads any more, just watch videos, and hollow sound bites. Yesterday I went to Staples to get new pack of Gregg ruled green tint steno pads, and they were all garish with optically enhanced bright white pages. My old steno pad inventory, also from Staples from about 10+ years ago, was an eye resting light green. What makes it worse on the computer/tablet, is the bright back lighting that drowns out the already faded fonts. Whatever happened to black fonts!!!! I'm writing this on a 4k screen, so it's even worse for me! This is set Times Roman 18pt, which looks like 12pt on my screen. Sorry, if it appears huge when reading on your side. Windows has a definite "ISSUE" with scaling!
  5. Indeed, paper white with weak fonts (thin and grey - not serifs), weak colors and bad color juxtaposition of fonts on backgrounds, and menus popping from the right to left. Maybe it's designed for readers that read from right to left. Think about it. Who on earth reads that way? Maybe it's the future Wishy washy colors giving optical chromatic aberration. I think this may be the results of poor science (physics and biology) education Has any designer studied optics, how colors come together? The spectrum? We now have form over function, with the sad, glossy counter intuitive Win8 interface. The Win 8 interface is not for working, but for surfing, and quick flighty thoughtless thinking. Great opportunity for a start up company, or thoughtful programmer with optic physic science background, and the way the mind works.
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