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  1. THANK YOU. No idea why this link is not showing up at all on the support page.
  2. Maybe the issue is that the website isn't signing me in properly? On the Contact page it says Sign In on top right. If I click on that, then it takes me to my evernote home page with all my notes, etc. I click on my user photo on bottom left then help & leaning. I'm taken to help page but again it says Sign In on top right as if I'm not signed in. Maybe that's why there's no option to raise a ticket? I tried several different browsers, so the issue is not on my end.
  3. Isn't there supposed to be a support chat for premium users? Again no idea how to access that. This website is over-engineered and not user friendly at all. Very frustrating.
  4. I'm a premium user and can't figure out how to submit a ticket. I'm trying to report a bug. I'm on the help page and went to Contact. I am at this page which just says submit a ticket, but how do i do that? I don't see a link anywhere.
  5. I reported this bug to Evernote directly in Oct and they said they can reproduce it and will forward to dev team. 3 months later still no fix. I don't print often but when I do I would really like the option to just change the font size.
  6. Yes the issue is definitely related to Windows 10. I found an old laptop with Windows 7 on it and installed latest Evernote. There is a big difference when I print from win7 than from win 10. I setup the margins exactly the same (0.33 and 0.25). I did not alter the note at all. Win7 (22 pages) https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwpas0me7t2bnhs/win7.pdf?dl=0 Win 10 (30 pages) https://www.dropbox.com/s/rfiq25t0ylfd3og/win10.pdf?dl=0 I did notice one difference. On win7, the font shows as Tahoma 10. On Win10, it shows as Tahoma 13. I tried changing it to 10 and printing but it made ilttle actual difference https://www.dropbox.com/s/00ddqksix1zp2fz/win10%20tahoma10.pdf?dl=0 Clearly this is a bug right?
  7. Hi, not sure what happened but I just noticed that printing notes now is creating much bigger PDFs for me. Changing fonts doesn't help. I am on latest public I'm on Windows 10. Printing notes to PDF or to printer create larger fonts/more line spacing. I just compared a note that I printed on 6/26 which was 20 pages, and now it's 28 pages. I changed nothing about this note. Something is screwed up with how Evernote is printing notes in WIndows. Maybe it's specific to Windows 10. Even if I reduce the font, it is still off and creates more pages unnecessarily. This is hugely annoying for me because I use Evernote to type out outlines for school and then print them to paper. Printed on 6/26 (20 pages, Tahoma 13) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2vm1qtu1dbczhou/hehi3.pdf?dl=0 Printed on 10/4 (28 pages, Tahoma 13) https://www.dropbox.com/s/xeejtlnyjxxtmfx/font1.pdf?dl=0 Same note but Tahoma 10, 26 pages https://www.dropbox.com/s/on3ljbydj8zh20k/font2.pdf?dl=0
  8. nevermind my issue is different. Will start new thread
  9. Why is this bug still not fixed? I will not be renewing my Premium subscription until this basic bug is fixed..
  10. I can't believe this still hasn't been fixed yet.. I can't change margins on mac. On Windows there is a bug where evernote prints with huge fonts, but I can change margins.. What a joke of a software. I can't believe I upgraded to Premium. Definitely not doing that again until these basic bugs get resolved.
  11. I don't get what changed, but notes that I'm saving to pdf now are much larger than they were before. I just printed a note from 6/26 which was 20 pages, and now it is 28 pages. The font is that much bigger that it adds 8 whole pages.
  12. I can't believe this still hasn't been implemented yet. I tried changing to borderless paper size when trying to print, but it doesn't change anything. Even creating a custom paper size with zero margins doesn't change anything. Now I have to open up my notes in Windows just to print without margins? Seriously?
  13. Evernote for Mac is incredibly laggy/buggy for me. I use it mainly to write long outlines for my classes. I'm currently editing an outline that's at least 30 pages long. Evernote crashed twice today while I was editing it (yes I sent crash reports). And now it's freezing every time I create a new line for 3-5 seconds which is becoming frustrating. I have a 2014 Macbook Pro with 8GB RAM and 2.6ghz i5, so this shouldn't be happening. I also found a bug where if I export the long outline to PDF, it makes it into one long page with very small text. See here for example Another bug: Evernote won't print (or save to PDF) without borders. If I print and choose a borderless option under Paper Size, or create a custom one with no margins, the preview doesn't change and the output still has borders.
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