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  1. So, I managed to get around the "No internet connection" issue by booting my profile in the release version of Firefox, signing into the evernote extensions there, then going back to Firefox 37 with the same profile. Looks like there is some issue in the latest Firefox version with the code that checks for an internet connection. This is the only extension I'm having any issues with in Firefox 37 At least I can start testing the extension now - looks good so far!
  2. I can't vouch for whether or not the memory issue is better or worse, but this Beta does seem to have more problems for me. Upon installing it (Firefox 37/Ubuntu/32-bit), Firefox crashed after locking up for about 30 seconds (this lock up was present on the previous version, but not as bad). When I restarted Firefox, it again locked up for about 30 seconds, then everything seemed OK. The "No internet connection" issue is still present though, making it impossible to test further since I can't log in
  3. Thought the "No internet connection" thing could possibly be an interaction/conflict with another extension, so tried installing on a clean profile both on Win7/Firefox 37/64 bit and Ubuntu/Firefox 37/32 bit, but got exactly the same results
  4. Me again... just tried the extension of Firefox 37 (Nightly) on Ubuntu - same problem - "No internet connection". This was from my connection at home. The Win7 attempt above was through a proxy at work. I am in Thailand if that is at all relevant
  5. Unable to log in at all. Get the "No internet connection" message all the time. Using Firefox 37 (Nightly) on Win7
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