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  1. I'm using the new UI for a month now, and I must say I'm impressed. Certainly the right direction to go in my opinion. Clean, distraction free editing, with simple and efficient controls. I really like the formatting pop up bar when you select text. A comment for users that claim that there a lot of wasted real estate on the display. Take into account that for decades we ware using (IMO ill-designed) interfaces by having drop-down menus and buttons crammed in every corner of the interface. So we kind of got used to that and when things are removed, we get a sense of loss of control and efficiency. Well, habits change provided enough time is invested. It is more important to have an interface that maximizes your attention in editing the text (your content) rather than add noise with thumbnails, buttons and menus. Usually I open multiple tabs with notes that I wont to focus on, and just have few clean pages for editing. I don't miss at all the note selection lists and other widgets present in the previous design. There room for improvement though but thumbs up for the new design, I really like the philosophy of the new UI. Cheers
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