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  1. As a UI designer...I can say the new look is not friendly to the eye and the overall look and feel is reminiscent of another industry leader with a lot more cash in hand to actually buy Evernote. Microsoft. You may be seeing the beginnings of a take over...starting with this upgrade and UI....just a guess on my part.
  2. Hi JMichael! Thanks for your kind, quick and helpful response. I was a little confused about where the data was being stored. I thought EN data was stored in the another folder in the "Application Support" directory, the one simply called, "Evernote". But to my dismay... when I looked in there it was almost empty except for a folder titled, "quick-note" That's why I felt sick to my stomach. I'm working off a macbook pro...and recently have been using my usual external backup drives, to move/backup data from some old computers to upgrade them. For this reason, I haven't backed up my Evernote with time machine (or manually) in a while. I've done quite a bit of research and writing in the mean time and thought it was all lost! (UGH! I know very dumb on my part.) I didn't know that on Ver 6.0.2 on Mavericks, the Evernote folder is located at: /Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/ Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I do have data in there...I am just not sure what files are the actual DB files...just so that I will know for sure the data is there BEFORE I download a new version. I see a folder in the "com.evernote.Evernote" folder titled "old" and see what appears to be old versions of the EN app and zipped files next to each version. I am guessing these are backups too?? Made before the EN app is upgraded. Does anyone know where the actual DB is stored. Are the zipped files in the "old" folder the database? Just curious..I am afraid to make any moves until I know for sure I have data stored locally...that is still intact. Thanks much!!!! The paranoid EN user who (foolishly) didn't backup daily.... PS: I am NEVER going to let Evernote AUTOUPDATE again!!!!!!
  3. Hello! Sorry to jump in... This is my first time posting...and I don't know where to post this...but I see you guys are talking about bugs in 6.0.2 on Mavericks. Unfortunately, my Evernote was set to auto update. It seems this auto update completely broke my Evernote. It will not even launch. (got the dreaded generic Mac app icon too) Can anyone tell me the steps to correct this? Is it possible to go back to the old version? Can I also preserve my local Evernote data? (which is actually 90% of my Evernote data) I am starting to feel sick to my stomach...HELP!
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