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  1. Hello, today I started importing different folders to a local notebook. In case of a folder with no subfolders and no duplicates everything was fine. In that other case, a folder with subfolders in 4 levels and a lot of duplicate named pdf files was completely ignored. That folder and the file structure was created by rack2filer smart software, I can't change the file naming policies in that software. Here is an example of how the data are structured: D:\User\digitales Archiv\LIB_00000001\CAB_00000001\BDR_00000001\CONTENTS\00000001.pdf D:\User\digitales Archiv\LIB_00000001\CAB_00000001\BDR_00000001\FILES\00000001.pdf I have those questions: 1. has anybody the same problem and found a workaround? 2. is it a known issue that evernote does not import duplicate named files? 3. is there another reason the files were not imported? Thanks, Schmallo
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