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  1. I use Safari with evernote Is there no way you can just click on say January and move it to the top of the stack? Alphabetic won't be any use to me as I need to do the months of the year in order Jan, Feb etc
  2. I am trying to create a calendar in Evernote I have created 12 Months as notebooks and made them into a stack However, for some reason, they have ended up out of order e.g. April before February etc I have tried to drag and drop them in order but this doesn't work?? What do I need to do to solve this problem please? thank you
  3. I have downloaded web clipper safari for my imac I love web clipper but it only has three options i.e. clip full screen; rectangle or audio I have seen on youtube another version of web clipper that has 5 options i.e. you can choose to clip the article Can anyone tell me how I can get this version on Web clipper as I mainly need to use web clipper for whole articles for my research and all I can seem to do with mine is clip the article in rectangular sections which is a pain any help appreciated
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