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  1. Hi, I installed the latest Beta version and got it working. I wrote a diary notebooks every day and there I tried to search for some ocation. But now it seems ok again.
  2. Earlier when I search for a specific word in my notebooks, the results came up and the word was marked in yellow. But now I found out that my search result coming up i right notebooks but the word is not marked in yellow any moore. In long notebooks I have to through it all to find the word I search for. Frustrating. I don´t know when this beahavier starts but probably a few years back. Some time I got the search word marked in yellow. But after a new search for the same word, no yellow mark. So, it suppose to work. Anyone who know how to solv this? I am on Windows 10 and Evernote Basic.
  3. Seems that a lot of people dislike the new UI, so let us hope that Evernote theme do something about it.
  4. I use Evernote on Mac and it looked nice before with the darker side field and the brown note books. After latest updates everything look just pale. Notes are almost white. Side field no dark any more. Does not look to nice. Is there any way to change the theme? I want it to look like before.
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