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  1. Details are as follows: Mac OS X version 10.9.5 current or upgraded version of Evernote: 10.6.0 (451119 Direct) I got a window pop-up that asks me if I want to update to the latest version of Evernote. I clicked Yes and it started updating. After an update, I find all my sync'd to cloud Notebooks BUT could not find all my local notebooks (not sync'd to cloud). A quick search in Finder tells me that all my local notebook contents are in: ~/<user>/Library/Caches/Metadata/com.evernote.Evernote. Title of notebook files are p<numeric number>.evernote. Example: p156.evernote. I opened the .evernote file in TextEdit and I can see all my notes there in xml format. I want it shown in my Evernote app and in the right format as before. How do I point my Evernote app to find my local notebooks?
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