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  1. Evernote is a scrapbooking/clipping service. OneNote is a true note taking app. I don't consider Evernote a note taking app. It isn't capable enough, and the bandwidth limitations (both the 60MB free - which is laughable - and the 1GB paid tier for not much less than a full Office Personal subscription) are a slap in the face. Microsoft has literally lowered the value of a service like this to $0. They need a more polished product with more capabilities for actual note taking (and not just clipping or scrap booking, or saving lists/tasks - all of which OneNote does flawlessly) to make it worth the or consideration. Most people who ask me about a service like this, I get them OneNote because it can do virtually everything that Evernote does with a lot more growth room for more advanced uses before someone has to start looking to 3rd party apps that use the service as a storage container (like the Galaxy Note users using Evernote, but only to store their S Notes because the S Note app is superior to the Evernote app).
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