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  1. When searching in the content of all notes and then going to one of found notes it would be very helpful if arrows (navigation bar) for moving to previous/next search result within the text or PDF note itself would appear immediately after opening the note and replace bar with 4 icons for inserting images, audio etc. in the note. Right know (and it works only on iPad) I have to click three dots in upper right corner to invoke menu, where I click „Search in Note“ and then click „Cancel“ to see search results navigation bar. That works only on iPad. On iPhone and MacOS I have to scroll through whole note to find all occurrences of the searched word, if there are any. Search results navigation bar should show number of occurrences of the word in text or PDF. Obviously, if I search the notes I want that all the time while in search mode. That goes for iOS and macOS version as well.
  2. thank you a lot, very helpfull, Stuhrer, really! ) strange that Evernote does not check for updates automatically… will wait with reinstall a bit… check how things go with new update first…
  3. Hi there, In recent days i imported into Evernote ~1000 notes from Apple Notes and since then Evernote on Mac and iOS behaves strangely. 1. After clicking on a notes in the list, notes do not load into view - mainly on iOS, but now also on Mac. 2. Sometimes note content or title disappears. Evernote seems to be quite unreliable right now. Was thinking about moving to premium account, and using Evernote for all my needs, but it seems to be too much risk at the moment. Any ideas? Miro
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